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FB Water Drilling

FB Water Drilling provide quality water bores to customers in Queensland and New South Wales. We specialise in water bore drilling for stock and domestic water supplies as well as recreation, commercial and industrial irrigation bores.

FB Water Drilling have extensive experience assisting clients with all their water boring needs. When it comes to drilling for water bores, our team at FB Water Drilling take care of the whole project from start to finish.

Offering both mud conventional and air rotary drilling methods.

Delivering great, cost-effective results with less material left behind in the borehole.

To accurately plan locations for bores reducing risks associated to cost, safety and damage to the environment.

Providing access to groundwater for level, physical and chemical measurements as well as cleaning & development of existing or newly drilled bores.

Professional water bore drilling specialists, servicing Queensland and New South Wales.

From drilling through clay and shale to alluvial and basalt, we are the experts. You can be guaranteed that you are dealing with industry professional with our safe work policies.

Local knowledge

Our services are supported by a highly experienced, qualified team and reliable, well maintained equipment. Our team have experience across a vast range of drilling conditions in Queensland and New South Wales.

Our expert drilling team provide a range of drilling solutions that deliver outstanding service and value to our customers.
Our team are reliable and efficient and have many years of experience in drilling bores.
We only use top quality certified Australian made bore casing.

Wide Range Of Water Drilling Equipment

We have a wide range of well maintained water drilling equipment to ensure minimal damage to the surrounding area.

FB Water Drilling only use top quality Australian made casing and can source all sizes from overseas if needed.


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